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It depends where you live, but standard homeowners insurance policies will typically help pay to repair damage caused by certain risks, or perils, including:
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Falling objects
Frozen plumbing
Water damage from plumbing, water heater, heating or cooling system or appliance.
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          In India, life insurance was introduced well over a century ago. The importance of insurance is not as well recognized as it should be in our nation, which is among the most populous in the world. The following makes an effort to familiarize readers with some life insurance ideas, specifically with regard to LIC. It should be realized, however, that the information that follows is by no means a complete summary of the requirements and restrictions of a LIC policy, or of its advantages or privileges. Please get in touch with our branch or divisional office for additional information. Any LIC Agent would be happy to provide policy servicing and assist you in selecting the life insurance plan that best suits your needs.

          What Is Life Insurance?

          A contract for life insurance guarantees payment of a certain sum to the insured (or his designee) in the event that the event insured against occurs.
          The insured sum must be paid during:

          • The day of maturity,
          • Specified dates at recurring intervals, or
          • Unexpected death, if it happens sooner.

          The contract stipulates, among other things, that the policyholder must pay premiums to the Corporation on a regular basis. Everybody agrees that life insurance is a valuable institution that removes “risk,” replaces uncertainty with certainty, and supports the family in time in the terrible event of the breadwinner’s passing.

          Most often, life insurance is civilization’s imperfect response to the issues brought on by mortality. In a nutshell, life insurance addresses two risks that every individual must contend with:

          1. The fear of passing away too soon and leaving a dependent family on their own.
          2. The prospect of surviving into old age without obvious sources of support.
          Life Insurance Vs. Other Savings

          Contract Of Insurance:

          A contract for insurance is considered to be of the highest good faith, or uberrima fides. This significant idea, which is relevant to all types of insurance, is an embodiment of the doctrine of revealing all material information. The policyholder should make sure all questions on the proposal form are answered truthfully before taking out a policy. The insurance contract would be void if there had been any fraud, misrepresentation, or omission that led to the acceptance of the risk.

          The entire protection against the chance of the saver’s death is guaranteed by life insurance. Additionally, unlike other savings plans, which only pay out the amount saved (plus interest) in the event of death, life insurance guarantees payment of the total sum promised (together with incentives where available).

          Aid To Thrift:

          Life insurance promotes “frugality.” Since payments can be made easily thanks to the “easy instalment” provision integrated into the program, it enables long-term savings. Insurance premium payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis. For instance, the wage Savings Scheme, or SSS as it is more often known, offers a convenient way to pay premiums each month via deduction from one’s wage. In this instance, the employer pays LIC immediately for the premium that was withheld. Any organization or establishment can benefit from the Salary Savings Scheme under certain criteria and circumstances.


          When it comes to insurance, it is simple to obtain loans using a policy’s single collateral that has accrued loan value. Additionally, even for a business loan, a life insurance policy is typically accepted as security.

          Tax Relief:

          The greatest approach to take advantage of income tax and wealth tax deductions is through life insurance. This is accessible for sums paid as life insurance premiums that are subject to the current income tax rates. Assesses may also benefit from legal provisions for tax reduction. In these situations, the assured essentially pays a smaller insurance premium than they would have otherwise.

          Money When You Need It:

          It is possible to utilize a policy with an appropriate insurance plan, or a mix of different plans, to efficiently address some occasional financial demands. These policies can make it less stressful for parents to provide for their children’s education, for them to start out in life or get married, or even for them to have periodic financial requirements throughout time. In contrast, policy money may be made accessible at the time of retirement from employment and utilized for any particular purpose, such as the purchase of a home or other assets. Additionally, policyholders may be eligible for loans (with certain restrictions) for home construction or the purchase of apartments.


          Any individual who has reached legal adulthood and is able to form a binding contract may insure themselves and others they have an insurable interest in. Policies on the lives of one's spouse or children may also be purchased, subject to certain restrictions. The Corporation takes into account a number of variables while evaluating proposals, including the health of the policyholder, the proponent's income, and other pertinent factors.
          Following a medical evaluation of the person whose life is being insured, life insurance is often issued. However, LIC has been offering insurance coverage without a medical examination, subject to some limitations, in order to promote a wider distribution of insurance and also to reduce inconvenience.
          To guard against potential financial losses brought on by the untimely death of a key employee, a business enterprise purchases keyman insurance on the life of the employee or employees.
          Many private insurance businesses would offer protection to female lives with a premium surcharge or under limited terms prior to nationalization (1956). The conditions under which life insurance is awarded to female lives have, however, periodically been revised since life insurance was nationalized. Currently, men and women who work and make a living are regarded equally. In other situations, a limiting clause is only applied if the female is under 30 years old and does not have an income that is subject to income tax.
          A policy of insurance may be "with" or "without" profit. In the first case, any incentives reported following periodic appraisals are assigned to the insurance and paid in addition to the agreed-upon sum. The contractual amount is paid in full under the "without" profit plan. As a result, a "with" profit policy has a higher premium rate than a "without" profit policy.
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