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Life Insurance that creates wealth.

Only RushirajGroups gives you an investment with your life insurance policy at no extra cost.

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LIC's Trusted Insurance Policy Solutions

Our seasoned professionals offer comprehensive guidance on LIC policies, ensuring optimal coverage and financial security tailored to your needs.

Digital Online Services

Access our user-friendly online platform for seamless transactions, policy updates, and real-time financial information, empowering your financial decisions.

Expert Mutual Funds Investment

Trust in our expertise to navigate the dynamic world of Mutual Funds, optimizing your investments for long-term growth and stability.

Change the way but life Insurance

Life insurance is vital for financial security. RushirajGroups simplifies this by offering expert guidance, ensuring your loved ones are protected, and you have peace of mind for life’s uncertainties.

Pay Bills

Paying those high insurance rates every month can’t be very easy.

Wealth Protection

We work with LIC insurance company to ensure you get the best coverage

Protect Income

Disability insurance can help pay the bills if a serious keeps you from working.

Life Insurance

Secure your family's future with LIC's life insurance. Protect your loved ones financially.

Health Insurance

Secure your well-being with LIS's health insurance. Quality healthcare and financial protection await.

General Insurance

Safeguard your assets and mitigate risks with RushirajGroups' General insurance. Protect your investments, business, and peace of mind today!

Save Your Money on LIC's Life Insurance!

*New Lower Rates in India
Expert advice, comprehensive coverage, and a legacy of satisfied clients ensure your family's financial security.

Save Your Money on LIC's Health Insurance!

*New Lower Rates in India
Choose RushirajGroups for Health insurance: Extensive coverage, quick claims, and customer-centric support for your well-being and peace of mind.

Save Your Money on RushirajGroup's General Insurances!

*New Lower Rates in India
Select RushirajGroups for General insurance: Our expert team, tailored coverage, and reliable claims handling assure your assets and business are secure.

We excels through expertise, reliability, and customer-centric insurance solutions.

RushirajGroups excels through its client-centric approach, seasoned expertise, and a wide range of financial services. Our commitment to excellence ensures your financial well-being and peace of mind.

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Select from one of our stadard plansor choose your coverage and term

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Select from one of our stadard plansor choose your coverage and term

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“At RushirajGroups, we don’t just provide services; we build financial fortresses, nurture dreams, and ensure a secure future for our clients. Your trust fuels our mission.”

– Mr. Rushikesh R Nagwe, CEO
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